75% Performance Improvement & High Quality User Engagement for www.swapmamas.com

75% Performance Improvement & High Quality User Engagement for www.swapmamas.com

Quick Facts

Domain: Social Networks
Online Link: www.swapmamas.com
Technology Platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP (LAMP) Application Servers; Rackspace CDN, NodeJS
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model
Engagement Model: Time & Material

The Sapplica Advantage

Insightful statistics measured by SwapMamas™ web analytics recorded 75% improvement in performance post-migration from the Ning platfor.

We also noticed a 150% upscale in user base and steady rise thereafter.

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How Sapplica™ Achieved 75% Performance Improvement & High Quality User Engagement with their Technology Proposal for SwapMamas™ Community Platform

Swapmamas.com is Darcy Cruwys’ entrepreneurial venture aimed at money-less transactions. Mothers swap items based on need and connect to create value in an era of economic slowdown.

SwapMamas™ was originally a Ning.com Application supporting a limited online community. A concise feature set allowed users to carry out a very basic swapping process using single image exchange.

Sapplica™ identified the need for an elaborate, independent Social Media application, supporting a rich and extremely simple feature set.


Solution Brief

Sapplica™ converted Darcy Cruwys’ existing online community of mothers connecting via Ning™ into an independent Social Media sharing platform – Swapmamas.com. Our proposal was a highly scalable and efficient swapping architecture built on a high performance, thin database back end.

  • Exclusive image caching and handling, ensuring lightning fast download times for an image intensive bandwidth.
  • User creation and support functions, fraction-second optimized bulk mail capabilities, automatic file and folder compression and caching scenarios for balancing server load of a highly interactive online community
  • Facebook authentication integrated into the website to allow users to tie multiple images to their “swaps”, send gifts or create wish lists
  • Website administration function aimed at moderating user activity, overseeing or canceling mediation requests
  • Fully customized website analytics for detailed statistical information about website traffic, engagement and user activity

Technology Impact

  • A dedicated server framework utilized for the Swapmamas.com Image bank reduced download times by approximately 15%
  • Our current Database architecture is capable of handling acute demands in user activity. Website accession times far surpassed initial requirements. Precisely, a 75% performance improvement from the database backend was achieved, through this strategy alone.
  • The website currently records 500-600 visits and 5000-7000 page views every 24 hours.
SwapMamas Web 1
SwapMamas Web 1

Key Insights

  • Our proposal for Swapmamas.com was a highly usable, search engine optimized (SEO) website, with easy navigation, cross-browser compatibility and a thoroughly consistent user experience.
  • Website analytics have shown a 150% increase in the user base over a three year period, as initially predicted by our project team.
SwapMamas Web 2
SwapMamas Web 2


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