A Scalable, High Performance Software Architecture for Ron & Mike™ by Sapplica™

Quick Facts

Domain: Web Applications
Online Link: www.ronandmike.com
Technology Platform: LAMP Platform, Ngine Payment gateway
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sapplica Advantage
Our optimized business processes enabled 90% optimization in Middle-ware and Backend Performance in just about a month’s time.

RonandMike.com was finally delivered with high performance caching, archiving and page rendering capabilities.

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A Scalable, High Performance Software Architecture for Ron & Mike by Sapplica™ – Technology Support for the Momentum & Magnitude of an NFL Betting Community

Ron and Mike™ is a seasonal, steadily growing Football betting pool targeting NFL (National Football League) teams. As an exciting interest community, RonandMike.com frequently records spikes in the number of users accessing the website.

RonandMike.com allows multiple user profiles with differing subscription amounts to set stakes on their favorite teams participating in the NFL. Further, the website is employed to constantly keep track of user profiles that are eliminated or promoted based on team performance (victory or defeat).

Key Challenges & Value Added Features

  • Prior to optimization, RonandMike.com delivered suboptimal performance in terms of Database accession times. Query load resulting from an online community that grew by leaps and bounds and support for multiple user profiles created an under-performing web application. Towards this end, Sapplica’s answer was a scalable and fully optimized database architecture.
  • Further, we identified inappropriate algorithmic approaches that would fail to create a rapidly responsive web application. Most of the website sections were straightened out in terms of programming techniques so as to deliver maximum performance even while adhering to our client’s platform and technology bracket.
  • RonandMike.com also required a robust process to carry out their core monetizing function. In order to achieve this goal, we implemented a client specific payment gateway that would enable transactions for transferring initial subscription amount to the pool and also disseminating it to the intended recipient based on the final result.
  • We also incorporated the ability to manage blogs, news articles, messages and a number of convenient pool monitoring functions as part of the administration interface.

Business Benefits

Ron and Mike includes a comprehensive set of user profile retrieval and manipulation functions and team manipulation operations designed with usability, accessibility and application performance tuning as the core focus.

Ron and Mike
Ron and Mike

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