Baxter’s IGMap Sales Tool & Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Design, Development Expertise

Baxter’s IGMap Sales Tool & Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Design, Development Expertise

Quick Facts

Domain:Mobile, Web


Mobile Platform:iPad


Technology:SQLLite, XCode, Objective C, Map Kit, Cocoa Framework, CoreLocation, MediaPlayer Framework, CoreText, CoreGraphics, System Configuration Framework, Security Framework, Rest Web Services with JSON

Execution & Delivery:Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
Our thought leadership shaped into a graphical, high performance iPad application in the Pharmaceutical Market Access strategy segment.

The result was in terms of leverage for Baxter that helped retain market leadership in the Specialty Tier – IG markets

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Sagarsoft’s™ Thought Leadership in Devising an Indispensable Sales Tool as a Key Factor Assisting Baxter Retain Market Leadership for Gammagard

Sagarsoft’s iPad application for empowering Sales representatives at Baxter with statistical content and measurements about Gammagard Liquid coverage information genuinely increased acceptance and prescription probability among target physician groups.

Our thought leadership gave Core Access a competitive edge while devising a pre-call planning strategy for Baxter’s Gammagard Liquid. Our solution helped empower pharmaceutical representatives at Baxter with the most contemporary mobile technology support using current nationwide data for commercial health plans.

Our sales tool for Baxter covers Precall Planning and Healthcare Personnel Messaging in a simple, intuitive interface, featuring meaningful data in the form of graphical statistics.

Pre-Call Planning

  • In order to properly plan out sales calls on target physicians, representatives get access to an internal database containing detailed physician and payer information for their MSA.
  • Pharmaceutical representatives are now empowered with the ability to instantly review access messages, formulary information or plan and policy updates.

Sales Call Functions

  • In order to execute sales calls efficiently, Gammagard Liquid Access messages can be generated for selected doctors in the region.
  • Supporting data containing graphical statistics calculated for Subcutaneous and Intravenous Gammagard Liquid can be narrowed down to coverage for a particular city.
  • Representatives can argue their point by presenting top five plan statistics available for a particular region by comparing Gammagard with competion data.
  • Detailed information on coverage, benefits, drug risk, and prescription info gives maximum potential for convincing the physician during the first few calls.

Thought Leadership

We suggested an iPad application for Baxter Gammagard Precall Planning and subsequent
messaging, besides a web based interface. Our innovative approach helped create a unique
market position for Baxter as a pioneer in iPad based pharmaceutical market access planning.

Baxter IGMap Mobile
Baxter IGMap Mobile

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