CalibraxKPI Brand Performance Metrics & Sagarsoft’s Time, Cost Optimized Stress Tolerant Engine

CalibraxKPI Brand Performance Metrics & Sagarsoft’s Time, Cost Optimized Stress Tolerant Engine

Quick Facts

Domain: Web Analytics, Web Centric Brand Performance
Online Link:
Technology Platform: LAMP Stack, MYSQL, Python, Google Search API
Execution & Delivery: Agile/ Scrum; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage

We frequently execute projects that demand greater control and accountability due to their non-conventional goals.

Sagarsoft relies heavily on team and customer empowerment and centricity to drive the most data and algorithm intensive systems to a super charged performance stage. Our technology can encapsulate the breadth and depth of critical functionality involved in massive parallel processes.

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Sagarsoft’s ™ Experience with CalibraxKPI – a Beyond Financial Bottomline Approach to Perceived Brand Importance in a Web Centric Business Environment

Sagarsoft™ is the key technological expertise provider for CalibraxKPI, a novel marketing analytics platform that monitors brand performance by way of measuring user engagement and reaction on the basis of defined metrics.

CalibraxKPI™ reserves patent for their Engagement Fingerprint™ algorithm that quantifies user engagement with brands and companies for strategic decision making.

Our solution was designed to manage comprehensive information derived from Google Search API, with the objective of deriving insights about competitor landscape and differentiating in a competitive, web-centric market space.

Solution Brief

Calibrax KPI uses rule groups and predefined metrics to create topic scores, brand scores and segment scores. The algorithm relies on complex rules and rule groups for reports that give insights into current search engine trends.

The application is designed to go beyond the traditional financial bottom line and set up benchmarks for success such as social or environmental measures that can assess a company or brand’s perceived importance.

Technology Impact

  • We created a load and stress tolerant engine for CalibraxKPI brand analytics. A rich user interface supported role based and concurrent user access effortlessly
  • Optimized query handling and caching, intelligent data archiving, asynchronous smart data handling and extensive server monitoring and fine tuning helped us achieve 98% performance enhancement and close to 70% reduction in maintenance costs.

Key Insights

CalibraxKPI was designed to run multiple stress intensive parallel processes for extraction of key insights. In order to achieve performance that surpassed set benchmarks, we relied on our customer centric approach and deep domain knowledge in performance tuning for achieving a significant advantage in terms of time as well as costs.


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