Sagarsoft is an Equal Opportunity employer, a people driven organization focusing on collaboration, challenges and creativity. We value out-of-the-box thinkers and team players who create real value for our customers.

Sagarsoft is an Equal Opportunity employer providing opportunities to all its qualified employees and potential employees without regard to religion, race, colour, marital status, sex, age, nationality, disability and veteran status.

Sagarsoft provides a rich and rewarding working atmosphere with special emphasis on creating an environment that is collaborative.

We are always looking to hire out of box thinkers and people who can bring greater value to the string of services we provide to our clients.

People drive our business and we make sure that every care is taken to provide a Challenging and career fulfilling technological working opportunities.

We Think in Totality.


We always strive to take care of the well being of our employees. Our Benefits structure is at par with the Industry standards and is constantly evolving.

Some of the components of our Benefits package provided to our employees are:

  • Full Health and Dental Insurance is provided.
  • Employees are covered with Life Insurance, Long Term and Short Term disability paid entirely by Sagarsoft.
  • Employees are provided with 401k Plan options.
  • Payroll is Bi-Weekly, with an option of Direct Deposit.