Core Access’ Big Pharma iPad Sales Tool by Sagarsoft™

Core Access’ Big Pharma iPad Sales Tool by Sagarsoft™

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile
Mobile Platform: iPad
Client Profile:
Technology: SQLLite, XCode, Objective C, Map Kit, Cocoa Framework, CoreLocation, MediaPlayer Framework, CoreText, CoreGraphics, System Configuration Framework, Security Framework, Rest Web Services with JSON
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
We reserve decades of requirements analysis experience across diverse domains and people skills acquired through longstanding customer relationships.

Customer expectations and unspoken project goals are spontaneously incorporated into our project flow.

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How Sagarsoft™ Delivered a Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Sales Tool to Help Position Core Access Group as the Preferred Partner for Big Pharma Companies

Sagarsoft’s successful, long-standing relationship with Core Access group spurred the initiation of a carefully planned pharmaceutical sales support tool, with an intuitive design and an incomparable functionality orbit.

Core Headquarters and Core Field applications for mobile deliver a complete iPad solution to cater to every need of a drug sales representative during his typical work day.

The application is a novel approach to guarantee maximum sales success by supporting pre-sales and on-field sales tasks. Our solution is the perfect container for employing retrospective and prospective data on physicians, prescriptions, payers and competitive drug classes.

Solution Brief

  • Core Headquarters and Core Field applications create valuethrough insightful statistics on physician market share,prescription trends and accurate predictions on opportunity potential of target physicians.
  • Drug sales representatives can quickly create access message templates for target physician groups with rich media content to support their product characteristics
  • Access to comprehensive trend data on physicans,prescriptions and payers in relation to competition data creates enormous possibility of an early sales closure
  • Sales representatives are also empowered with the ability to trace potential physicians for targeted drug sales within the selected area on a map, that can be intuitively hand-drawn.

Technology Impact

  • Core Field and Core Headquarters employ seamless inter application communication, highly essential for creating maximum value in the form of relevant information to sales representatives in the United States.
  • Decades of experience in performance tuning helped us uncover key areas of improvement in the data synchronization process at application launch. Our insightful methodology helped create processes that use only 2% of usual accession times.

Lessons Learnt

  • Core Headquarters and Core Field Mobile Applications presented several challenges to cater to flawless User Experience and contemporary mobile design requirements. We treaded a path full of surprises from creating a simple interface to displaying massive volumes of information and animating subtle backgrounds while still preserving application performance.
  • Our customer centric approach and Agile mastery enabled project teams to get back with finished modules in less than four hours. Due to complete transparency, accessibility and planned checkpoints, customer acceptance was an implied outcome, rather than a modular process.
Core Headquarters & Core Field Application
Core Headquarters & Core Field Application

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