Sagarsoft makes it possible to engage in long term, true partnership relations with customers based on flexible engagement models. We operate in the full spectrum with maximum leverage to time and cost factors based on your individual needs.

While some projects might feature a more predictable pathway throughout execution and delivery, others might need more flexibility based on changing requirements. At Sagarsoft, we believe that every project is unique. Our experience with diverse customers has enabled us to create value for every project by facilitating project engagement with a range of different options.

Engagement Models QuickView

Fixed Cost

What is Fixed Cost Model
+ Time & money predictability for project scope
+ Ideal for well-defined software requirements
+ Fair distribution of risk for rapid application development & delivery

How Sagarsoft is Different
+ Decades of experience helps define project execution on time and within budget
+ Share your risk for stress free rapid application development & delivery
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Time & Material

More About Engaging in a Time & Material Model
+ Ideal for complex projects
+ Adaptable scope and duration
+ Precision in meeting business needs
+ Detailed & well-documented approach

How Sagarsoft Supercedes Expectations
+ We deliver complex projects by adapting to changing scope and duration
+ Our detailed, well-documented approach plugs directly into your precise business needs
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Resource Augmented

When You Should Choose a Resource Augmented Model
+ Accomplishing priority project modules with a dedicated team
+ Thorough research and analysis at initial and final project stages

Why  Sagarsoft Experience Matters
+ We dedicate highly skilled teams to exclusive priority modules
+ Our model is backed by thorough research during the initial and initial stages
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Why A Partnership Model Could be the Right Choice
+ Joint decision  for project processes and operations
+ Optimum conflict resolution
+ True team based approach
+ Goal based product development

How Sagarsoft promotes True Team Spirit
+ Share goals, process execution and operations planning for true joint decision making
+ Our team based approach resolves conflicts effortlessly
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Capped T & M

When Projects Demand A Capped T & M Model of Engagement
+ Risk sharing unlike any other agreement
+ Early product launch – high value to client
+ High probability of delivering within budget constraints

How Sagarsoft Delivers True Value
+ Never before high value risk sharing
+ We will launch your product in less than usual time and well within budget constraints
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Incremental Delivery

Why An Incremental Delivery Approach Might Be Right For You
+ Total transparency to customer
+ Flexible inspection points throughout project lifecycle
+ Fine tuned for Agile delivery
+ Highly compliant and viable software solution

How Sagarsoft’s Top Talent Executes Mature Processes
+ Get great insights about internal project execution with our completely transparent approach
+ We are Agile/Scrum masters and can help you with highly compliant and viable software solutions
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