Enterprise Web Applications

Quick Facts

  • Domain expertise in Community Engagement,  Web Analytics, and Product specific marketing
  • Experienced teams engaged in automating core processes related to Recruitment & Referral statistics monitoring and Healthcare and Big Pharma Marketing Analytics
  • Leading PHP Frameworks and DOT NET Technologies and Tools deployed in the Cloud for maximum cost savings in minimal development and testing time.
  • Responsive design expertise for the best possible User Experience on Mobile and Web Devices
  • Experienced designers render client specific design mockups requiring advanced scripting, graphical statistics and asynchronous development with speed, precision and value

How Sagarsoft™ Caters to Responsive Design Based Enterprise Web Applications for the Most Fulfilling User Experience

Sagarsoft™ is your preferred partner specializing in the enterprise web applications domain. We blend our core values with your organizational goals to execute critical, demanding projects in far less than usual time and cost. We have developed and matured processes and team members over a 17 year long period of process optimization, refinement and precision based software delivery.

Overtime, we have developed a comprehensive competency specializing in Responsive design for absorbing User Interfaces and unmatched User Experience. We have constantly surpassed predetermined targets for unbelievable community engagement, deep statistical and business logic based Web analytics, graphical representations and novel product and service marketing.

Sagarsoft™ is the market leader in Enterprise Web development, with broad domain expertise related to multiple industrial segments including top performing areas in processes executing Recruitment statistics, Employee Referral monitoring applications, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical marketing systems, sports community engagement systems, high end business analytics systems and novel advertisement solutions.

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