Over the years, Sagarsoft has achieved its unique position in the software market. Our customers value our services and out-of-the-box approach. We have a proven track record of 360 degrees perspective when it comes to any Information Technology project that exists in the market today. We build our process around each project by picking the best possible way forward based on our strengths and competencies across domains.

  • Targeted Prototyping for Mobile & Web applications
  • Contemporary, highly marketable User Interface Designs
  • Performance Boosting through Novel Approaches
  • Targeted Knowledge & Research Process Outsourcing
  • Social Media Engagements
  • Financial Analytic and Business Intelligence
  • Secure Accounting and Financial Analysis Services
  • Onsite, Offsite, Offshore and Hybrid Staffing Services
  • Broad Automation and Automation Testing Expertise
  • Email, Ticket based, Chat and Helpdesk Technical Support


Sagarsoft has a track record of delivering custom tailored high security, high definition, usable mobile application frameworks. Our technology capability with impressive user experiences for a range of mobile platforms is delivered using our unique solution delivery model, which has acquired high-profile process maturity overtime.

Our Success Stories

How Sagarsoft Delivers Unmatched Application Performance on Mobile

We can help you decide on the best development methodology that can cut down drastically on costs, irrespective of your preferred platform, be it Android, iOS, WP7 or Blackberry. Our deep domain knowledge can help carve the right strategy for the most fruitful application life cycle pathway according to your individual capabilities, investment preferences and choice of tools. Equipped with long range command over market dominant programming languages including Objective C, Dot NET and C#, Java, Ruby and HTML Frameworks, we have continually delivered applications that have achieved dominance on App Stores through superior performance and user experience design. Our applications are sufficiently stress and load tested as reliability and interoperability permeates intrinsic application behavior naturally. Our dedicated testing services help deliver robust, strikingly unequalled applications that dynamically adapt to end user platform capability and behavior. We test applications for synchronization, data exchange, security and usability in order to deliver much more than fully functional mobile tool kits.



Sagarsoft is your preferred partner specializing in the enterprise web applications domain. We blend our core values with your organizational goals to execute critical, demanding projects in far less than usual time and cost. We have developed and matured processes and team members over a 17 year long period of process optimization, refinement and precision based software delivery.

Our Success Stories

How Sagarsoft Caters to Responsive Design Based Enterprise Web Applications for the Most Fulfilling User Experience

Overtime, we have developed a comprehensive competency specializing in Responsive design for absorbing User Interfaces and unmatched User Experience. We have constantly surpassed predetermined targets for unbelievable community engagement, deep statistical and business logic based Web analytics, graphical representations and novel product and service marketing.

Sagarsoft is the market leader in Enterprise Web development, with broad domain expertise related to multiple industrial segments including top performing areas in processes executing Recruitment statistics, Employee Referral monitoring applications, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical marketing systems, sports community engagement systems, high end business analytics systems and novel advertisement solutions.



Sagarsoft is a forward thinking, company that continually adapts process execution, as project requirements unfold along the software development life cycle. Our research and data mining process features the most complex mechanisms of adapting to changing data requirements for research intensive projects. We keep abreast of current market trends to enable data handling for a range of formats including SAS, XML, CSV and Excel.

Our Success Stories

Sagarsoft’s™ In-Depth Research & Data Mining Process

Our logical process features present-day mechanisms of data cleaning before establishing logical associations between asymmetrical data sets and enveloping relational data into a secure layer for further scrutiny. Over the years, we have developed mechanisms to present complex data into simplified single snapshot conclusive graphical representations. Insights, statistics, trend data and critical business specific enterprise logic is gracefully rendered for churning into your business core, while we develop and document our knowledge base across domains and achieve greater precision in parameter and analysis criterion definition.



Expanding market reach in the web driven age is challenging for corporations, continually strategizing better, more efficient control of market dynamics. A scenario that changes behavior radically over short spans of trend based user responses demands complete control over social media. At Sagarsoft, we blend web communities to meet organizational goals through the right mix of social media engagement and niche open web groups.

Our Success Stories

How Sagarsoft Synergizes Your Social Media Engagement

We deliver performance optimized applications, fine-tuned to deliver value added features and function, engagement and unrestricted web dominance and growth to the 90th percentile. We can work with you to meet your specific requirements related to community portals and applications custom designed to run on the Facebook platform and integrated to run with Twitter. We also specialize in branding and corporate social media application portfolios and social plugins targeted at a variety of niche social market segments.



Sagarsoft specializes in creating insight based automation, transition and optimization of existing financial and accounting processes for guaranteed profitability and remarkable data assessment of new business opportunity. We work with your corporate financial information and processes to help you systematically and transparently achieve much more than your existing financial goals.

Our Success Stories

Sagarsoft’s™ Insights Based Expertise for Targeted Financial Solutions, Informed Decision Making & Indispensable Process Improvements

Our Business Intelligence and Financial Analytics solutions can deliver solutions that eventually demonstrate a marked reduction in your Financial and Operational expenses, increase your Financial efficiency and help manage Corporate Risk much more effectively. We deploy applications on a Secure Layer using proprietary Web based products, featuring a never before cost advantage. We offer Book Keeping, Financial Analytics, Taxation Consulting, Budgetary Analysis and several Ancillary services for timely information availability and informed Management Decision making. Our decades of experience in working with commercial systems and conglomerates can help you locate areas of greater profitability and business opportunity. Our Financial solutions seamlessly contribute to a granular process of fine-tuning your current business model that can appropriately take advantage of your current Financial Environment. Sagarsoft employs the best Platforms and Technical Tools to churn volumes of information and generate relevant Insights, Trend Analysis and Visualizations. Our processes have helped companies achieve some of the most efficient processes in Financial Decision Making, that create essential channels of retrieving the right information, targeting the right customer-base and initiating indispensable process improvements.



Sagarsoft offers thorough Quality Assurance services to ensure your applications comply with universally accepted Standards and Benchmarks. Our approach employs the finest technology facets offered by reigning companies in today’s Testing and Quality Assurance market segment.

Our Success Stories

How Sagarsoft Creates the Perfect Mapping from Requirement to Application Function through Unrivalled Testing & Quality Assurance Services

We have continually delivered key mission critical Quality Software projects, within designated time frames and reduced costs, primarily associated with proactive testing cycles. Owing to successful outcomes attached to established testing methodologies, including the V execution methodology, our internal processes have matured to probe software potential and performance at strikingly dissimilar stages from requirement analysis to modular design and rapid application development.

We rely on proven testing and quality assurance tools including, but not limited to, Selenium, Watir, Sikuli, QTP, Quality Center, JMeter to uncover robust application functionality, load and stress resistant application behavior and high-performance, irrespective of user interaction scenarios.

Sagarsoft’s™ portfolio of testing services includes:

  • Automated / Manual Testing
  • Black / White Box Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Function / Regression Testing
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing


Sagarsoft provides world class staffing solutions to suit diverse project goals and timelines. We imbibe changing business landscapes, market conditions and rapidly evolving manpower demands to present the most cost-effective, flexible, simple and robust staffing solution with minimal legality and paperwork involved.

Our Success Stories

Sagarsoft’s™ Experienced Talent Pool & Broad Platform Domain Mastery through Specialized Delivery Units

We source broad spectrum technology expertise for our clients. Our resources are trained and experienced in Cutting Edge Technology related to Commercial as well as Open Source solution development. Our talent pool is unmatched and unique in terms of their broad capability in handling diverse technology domains and project execution platforms. Our resources can take off your project with precision through their decades of requirement analysis mastery and map almost any requirement equally well with end project goals. We work with insight and the right tools and techniques derived from our decades of search and discovery on the Human Resource side and Specialized Business Units that cater to differing service needs. We can guarantee a pool of skilled professionals trained to execute applications effortlessly on a multitude of Platforms and Domains.



We offer application support with quick and effective issue resolution – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our built-in capability for efficient escalation, accessible team members and established processes guarantee the best possible ongoing support for your changing needs.

Our Success Stories

Year Round Support Mechanisms

Sagarsoft provides year round application support services and extremely quick and accurate issue resolution and follow-up. We are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day, enveloping every aspect of your issue raised. Our skilled, efficient resources gather insights from an ever growing knowledge base containing incidents and their resolution pathways. Our highly organized approach can help you swiftly get to the core of the problem and troubleshoot it without affecting current system function. We deliver top-performing, competitively priced scalable solutions that create an edge for our esteemed clientele by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art infrastructure, efficient escalation processes.

Our support mechanisms create communication instruments through every available channel including but not limited to:

  • E-Mail
  • Ticket based
  • Automated Chat
  • Technical Help desk



Sagarsoft offers a range of Frameworks and APIs spanning diverse solutions in the Enterprise Web, Social Media, Research & Analysis and Mobile Applications to name a few. We add value by constantly evolving workflow for guaranteed savings in terms of time and costs. Our technology experience is unmatched and constantly iterates through cycles of continuous learning and improvement.

We are a progressive company that constantly imbibes insight based discoveries from the rapidly changing Information Technology landscape. Our skilled resources deriving invaluable experience from niche technology sectors can create innovative technology solutions that meet your unique demands. We constantly work towards expanding our service areas, collaborations and strategic alliances, in order to retain our top position as a multifaceted technology services provider. Our resources and infrastructure mirrors the finest available resources that cater to your challenging business complexities and priorities. Our reputation as an innovative service provider offers you a range of Technology options and we are well positioned to address your unique requirements through our ability to work on multiple platforms and technologies, in a highly specialized manner.