FixMySignals – Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Software Engineering for Reporting Traffic Signal Issues

FixMySignals – Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Software Engineering for Reporting Traffic Signal Issues

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile, Web
Mobile Platform: iPhone, Android
Online Link:
Client Profile:
Technology: SQLite, Android SDK, Java, GoogleMaps API, Rest Web Services with JSON
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
At Sagarsoft, we thoroughly understand essential aspects of tailoring web and mobile applications for leading platforms and devices.

Our solutions are designed for penetrating niche market segments in less than usual time, with the best possible user experience.

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Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Software Engineering for Facilitating Greater Convenience & Bandwidth in Reporting Signal Issues Harvests Unexpected Benefits

Sagarsoft, as a professional organization specializing in Mobile development for iPhone, Android and iPad, reserves its place in the top tier for complete end to end solutions across diverse industrial domains.

FixMySignals is one such comprehensive Mobile application that creates the right bandwidth for leveraging a community application deployed across the United States and Canada. We created a thin mobile solution that is both simple as well as accessible for spontaneous community engagement in naturally solving traffic signal issues.

Rhythm Engineering is a US based organization that markets and sells signal traffic control systems. FixMySignals mobile application for iOS and Android mobile platforms is their scientifically designed community solution in conjunction with the website

Solution Brief

  • Sagarsoft’s solution – FixMySignals for Mobile, can track and capture complete route information, allowing mobile users to capture pictures for attention deserving traffic signal issues.
  • Our mobile application has built in capabilities to show time, distance and speed parameters in addition to sending back traffic signal issue information to the parent website,
  • Mobile users can set up their experience to start and stop tracking routes and continue working off-line according to situation and need
  • Equipped with powerful capabilities for optimum memory usage, data transfer and bandwidth utilization functions, FixMySignals uses crowd sourcing for capturing traffic problem data and adaptable traffic problem resolution.

Key Insights

  • Working with FixMySignals for web and mobile was a thorough learning experience in key technology areas. We improvised the best use of web protocols and mobile device tracking approaches to create cost and time savings. In essence we delivered the mobile application tuned to deliver services in just 40 – 50% of its usual time.
  • We also derived several metrics for team performance improvement in terms of dealing with interdependencies for projects dealing with multiple competencies. FixMySignals was the perfect platform to fine tune our Agile approach for the best possible execution method that is both productive as well as guarantees Quality.
FixMySignals Mobile
FixMySignals Mobile

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