FotoAlbums Photo Sharing for iPhone & iPad by Sagarsoft™

FotoAlbums Photo Sharing for iPhone & iPad by Sagarsoft™

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile
Mobile Platform: iPhone, iPad
Technology: XCode, Objective C, Facebook API, JSON, ELC Image Picker
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
We create simplistic interfaces, encapsulating high performance functionality for top tier applications available in the market today.

Our applications make the most creative use of leading mobile technology toolkits, to execute highly marketable ideas in untapped segments with enormous potential.

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Sagarsoft’s™ Simple Mobile Solution for iPhone & iPad Designed with Simple, Fast & Comprehensive Photo Sharing Features

FotoAlbums is Sagarsoft’s mobile solution with built-in features for accessing and sharing photo albums created from Facebook.

Mobile users are constantly on the lookout for faster, easier and contemporary technology driven solutions in photo sharing. Considering the influence that Facebook creates on the mobile community, technology professionals at Sagarsoft created a simple solution to harness the power of Social Media driven picture sharing for iPhone and iPad.

Novel Application Design

FotoAlbums is a novel idea to create synergy from the culmination of two extremely popular platforms among end users. The application harnesses the power created from the most popular mobile platforms – iPhone and iPad, in conjunction to the most coveted social media platform – Facebook.

Extremely Simple Feature Set

  • Our application is designed with simplicity as the central criteria. Intuitive design allows users to conveniently get started with a Facebook like interface.
  • Users can download their Facebook albums and view pictures in a number of convenient ways, including folder view, slide show and full scale image.
  • Users are also allowed to quickly upload large images to their Facebook space and share or comment on existing pictures.
  • FotoAlbums also allows you to change the currently logged in Facebook user, or refresh existing Albums to make the most current pictures available directly from your mobile device.

Performance Tuned Application

FotoAlbums manages large size media by allowing application users to set up limits for duration of slide show execution and WiFi or 3G selection for image transfer. Uploading, downloading operation are fully controllable and seamless integration with Facebook Albums allows endless possibilities for users to quickly share pictures with friends from any location.

FotoAlbums Mobile
FotoAlbums Mobile


This article aceihved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.



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