How Sagarsoft™ Helped Microsoft Deploy Secure, Collaborative Gaming Projects

How Sagarsoft™ Helped Microsoft Deploy Secure, Collaborative Gaming Projects

Quick Facts

Domain: Web Application
Online Link:
Technology Platform: Microsoft Dotnet, Sql Azure, Azure Media Services, Entity Framework, Silverlight Upload, WCF
Execution & Delivery: Agile/ Scrum; Hybrid Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
Microsoft Gaming repository was a secure space for partner engagement. Our successful application launch attracted close to 2000 users in less than three months time.
Further, constant learning integrated in our execution model spurred several macro level process improvements

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How Sagarsoft™ Supported Microsoft in Deploying their Complete End-to-End Platform in the Cloud, Targeted at Secure, Collaborative Gaming Projects

The Microsoft Gaming Repository is a web portal targeted at gaming vendors, partners and independent contractors, as a cloud-based platform for collaborative game development.

In order to ensure constant customer engagement, Microsoft required a comprehensive repository with vendor portfolios and middle ware product information and management besides a capability to manage projects, digital assets and generate reports.

Sagarsoft’s experience with their esteemed client, Microsoft has led to one of the most preferred game development platforms in the market today.

Besides creating secure spaces for Microsoft partners to share sensitive information, we identified and implemented several process improvements to fine tune our unique solution methodology at a macro level.

Solution Design & Launch

  • Sagarsoft created secure, role based workspaces for execution of game projects by partners involved in game development, production or middle ware development.
  • Our technology capability for Microsoft enables independent vendors, contractors and partners to reduce their time to market. Access to middle ware product tracking including licensing and pricing information and intuitive management of digital assets like images, videos, audio files and documents encourages collaborative game development.
  • Our intuitive application design and sensitivity to partner requirements resulted in close to 2000 interested game vendors accessing application services in less than three months after application launch. Further, around 130 projects are currently backed by the Microsoft Gaming Repository.

Process Improvements

  • At Sagarsoft, our experience with Azure cloud services led to further extension of our code repository for co-ordinated deployment of secure applications by onshore and offshore teams. Further, our release management process was further improved in terms if packaging, time-stamping and version management.
  • Our testing competency gained insightful recommendations related to task handover between team members and an important process change has led to optimal tracking of testing scenarios, hence positively impacting our billing process.


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