How Sagarsoft’s™ Broad Perspective Data Analysis Supported Sustained Lead Generation for Core Access Group™

How Sagarsoft’s™ Broad Perspective Data Analysis Supported Sustained Lead Generation for Core Access Group™

Quick Facts

Domain: Healthcare Data Mining & Analysis
Client Profile:
Technology: SAS, Excel, MySQL
Execution & Delivery: Waterfall; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft™ Advantage
Data Mining & Analysis at Sagarsoft™ is spread across multiple domains, with Healthcare claiming a prominent position.

We work with a range of raw data formats including SAS, XML, CSV and Excel, to derive meaningful relationships from logically connected data sets in a secure repository.

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How Sagarsoft™ Channelized Data Mining & Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Market Trends to Foster Sustained Lead Generation for Client- Core Access Group™

Core Access™, a marketing analytics company in the Healthcare domain is engaged with a number of biopharmaceutical clients and is constantly on the lookout for meaningful market dynamics’ data to support strategic decision making.

Sagarsoft™ delivers Data Mining and Analysis services to Core Access™ in an Offshore setting, through basic Waterfall or Agile execution methodology. We work proactively to derive a range of meaningful insights from cleaned data in order to deliver review ready market comparisons to Core Access™.

Sagarsoft’s™ Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Data Analysis Expertise

Our recent work entails diversified subject areas for pharmaceutical and biotechnology market data analysis related to key Big Pharma players including Baxter™, Sunovion™ and Myriad™.

Market Data Mining for Baxter™

Website:; Key Offerings: Pharmaceutical solutions for Anesthesia, BioSurgery, Critical care, Hemophilia, Immunoglobulin, Pulmonology, Renal, Vaccines

Our Solution: Complete market analysis for Baxter™, retrospective trends for drug volume by age, site of healthcare delivery and diagnosis for yearly and quarterly comparison and trend analysis.

Oncology Data Analysis for Myriad™

Website:; Key Offerings: Molecular diagnostic tests with a concentration in oncology

Our Solution: MSA wise Oncology data analysis for Myriad™ unraveling figures for enrollees, capitation amounts, incidence rates based on cancer classification, category-wise capitation analysis sorted for cross-comparison and Quality indicators.

Drug Performance Analysis for Sunovion™

Website:; Key Offering: Pharmaceutical solutions for Disorders of Central Nervous System & Bipolar disorders

Our Solution: Pharmaceutical data analysis on recently (FDA) approved drug Latuda® and comprehensive prescription probability analysis in hospital settings, clinical settings and GPO contract influence on drug market share.

Sagarsoft’s™ Broad Perspective Data Analysis Process

CoreAccess Analysis
CoreAccess Analysis

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