iSnazz by Sagarsoft™ for Next Generation, Collaborative Marketing Campaigns

Quick Facts

Domain: Web Analytics
Online Link:
Technology Platform: Dot Net, Mysql, Jquery, Ajax, MVC Framework, Third Party Tools
Execution & Delivery: Agile/ Scrum; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
We chose a combination of extremely simple interface and highly detailed analytics for the most innovative advertising platform design.

Feedback based, fully connected campaign control, Dynamic Testing and never before Marketing Insights helped iSnazz create the right impact

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iSnazz by Sagarsoft™ – Innovative Advertising Solution Exclusively Built for Next Generation, Collaborative Marketing Campaigns Across the Internet & Social Media

Sagarsoft’s innovative approach towards creative user interface design and high technology application performance is unique in the software market today.

Our solution for iSnazz is the perfect example of a blend of creativity and deep analytics capability, a solution targeted at never before user engagement, minimal time to market and guaranteed return on investment.

Unique Solution Design

  • iSnazz is built for simplifying campaign creation and execution across digital media channels. Our solution is enabled with all features required to achieve spontaneous user engagement and high-level tracking.
  • Campaign creation in a WYSIWYG editor (What You See is What You Get) insulates advertisers from the time, effort and risk involved in software development and testing.
  • Intuitive and targeted feature set, built with the most comprehensive technology support caters precisely to the most important needs of digital advertising today. Maximizing ROI and reducing time to market are integrated into every aspect of our solution design.
  • Contests, polls, sweepstakes and several customizable advertising campaigns are naturally created, deployed and tracked dynamically, on the fly. Advertisers are empowered with the most convenient way to achieve the highest level of user engagement. Further, they get access to marketing analytics, exclusively designed and customized for iSnazz, with digital marketing statistics including impressions, participant responses and brand popularity.
  • Comprehensive and intuitive graphical representation of marketing insights for all campaigns created and deployed via iSnazz furnish visual representation of massive trend data and brand performance.

Robust, Client Centered Approach

  • Sagarsoft’s Agile delivery model, backed by decades of successful experience in planning and implementing software applications, ‘venturing into unknown domains’ led to another precisely tailored execution model for iSnazz. Our approach helped us visualize the end product by thoroughly predicting application behavior using an intuitive prototyping approach. Multiple scenarios were evaluated for campaign behavior in a number of containers and different target markets.
  • Our client centered approach helped unravel design specifications from client that would later adversely affect application behavior. Thorough requirement analysis and scenario based testing led to major improvements related to inter-campaign control flow.
  • iSnazz has shaped into a comprehensive advertiser tool, seamlessly presenting cross-browser compatibility across different environments available in the market today.

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