At Sagarsoft, we believe in transforming business processes rapidly, on time and on target. We believe in relentlessly meeting your expectations through the most creative use of limited resources. We value people, optimize processes and derive strength from an expert management team.

What We Offer for the Best Possible Engagement Terms

Sagarsoft provides a full range of options that enable engagement in unique and varied Information Technology projects.  Our unique, flexible approach offers a dynamic range of options for your specific project needs right from initial engagement to project launch and round the clock post-production support.

We offer a range of project terms to meet your changing demands, ranging from the traditional Fixed Cost and Time & Material model to Incremental Delivery and Capped Time & Material. Our flexibility and mature transition approach helps smooth switch-over that creates the best possible position for our valuable customers.

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How We Execute Critical, Dynamic Projects

Decades of project management experience helps us create an exclusive market position for critical applications relying on multiple dependencies for smooth operations. Acquired competency in niche market segments including pharmaceutical industry, mathematical problem solving, diverse community engagement, broad range mobile applications, business intelligence systems and research and data mining projects helps speed up initial groundwork.

We approach project execution through a number of approaches including Agile, Prototype, Kanban and Waterfall for custom-tailored life cycle, guaranteeing maximum adherence to set goals.

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How We Deliver Software with Precision Overtime

Over the years, we have perfected our software delivery process for maximum customer satisfaction. Our software delivery operates beyond geographical barriers, as we help you get the most out of your investment by making software delivery possible using a range of approaches.

We operate through both Onsite, Offsite and Offshore delivery methodologies. We also offer Hybrid project delivery based on situational and project demands. Our deep understanding about customer engagement and unique experience in tailoring project methodologies and closely aligning customer goals helps develop unmatched software applications every time.

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Sagarsoft offers a range of Technology platforms spanning diverse domains. We are currently engaged in delivering critical applications targeted at Retail, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, Utilities, Digital Marketing, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Information Technology and Insurance.


We have a track record of accomplishing critical, demanding projects executing in completely different environments, with the same precision, hence achieving a high level of consumer satisfaction. For over a period of time, we have streamlined our internal processes to generate a rich knowledge base of scenarios for industry specific issue resolutions.


Our consistent track record of successful projects deployed in strikingly different industry sectors serves as a strong foundation for defining a project plan that suits your specific business needs and adheres to defined constraints and infrastructure and resource limits. We use a flexible blend of our engagement, execution and delivery models over a contemporary technology services stack.



Sagarsoft, as a people driven company, is constantly engaged in developing and improving formal processes for planning, structuring, controlling and testing the way critical software systems are designed, deployed and upgraded. We are a people company relying heavily on internal team organization, thorough customer engagement and transparent decision-making. Overtime, we have frequently employed formalized methodologies widely accepted in the market, while also accommodating specific customer needs owing to flexibility in our process design.

Agile Execution Approach

  • Completely transparent modular approach with scalability built into design
  • Technical excellence in rapid deployment of robust modules backed by Continuous user feedback during iterative execution cycles
  • Automated testing capability for resilient software systems
  • Controlled, responsive delivery

Rapid Prototype Approach

  • Thorough business analysis focusing strictly on client needs
  • Outcome oriented goal definition for smooth execution across project phases
  • Transparent workflow, wire frame assisted initial design specification
  • Transparent, modular approach and technical excellence for seamless user experience
  • Multiple Testing cycles custom tailored for robust, scalable applications

Waterfall Model

  • Out-of-the-box thinkers help clients visualize requirements sans ambiguity
  • Decades of experience drives unique, robust and intuitive application design
  • Transparent, modular approach and technical excellence for seamless user experience
  • Multiple Testing cycles custom tailored for robust, scalable applications

Kanban Methodology

  • Flat Management structure and Transparent Processes help visualize project execution with simplicity
  • We build focus gradually throughout project life cycle, with parallel methods for internal process improvement
  • Timely reports, metrics and well-defined benchmarks illustrate workflow explicitly, create feedback opportunities and improve cycle time
  • Our mature teams evolve throughout the process and culminate for collective achievement of Quality outcomes every time


  • Emphasis on Verification and Validation at each modular level
  • Parallel modular test execution along with development for greater quality
  • Automated testing capability for resilient software systems
  • Controlled, responsive delivery



Sagarsoft makes it possible to engage in long term, true partnership relations with customers based on flexible engagement models. We operate in the full spectrum with maximum leverage to time and cost factors based on your individual needs.


While some projects might feature a more predictable pathway throughout execution and delivery, others might need more flexibility based on changing requirements. At Sagarsoft, we believe that every project is unique. Our experience with diverse customers has enabled us to create value for every project by facilitating project engagement with a range of different options.

Sagarsoft’s Transparent Goal Setting with a Fixed Cost Model

Our Fixed Cost model allows reasonable predictability in terms of time and money for the agreed project scope. Whenever you are dealing with well-defined project requirements, with prior understanding of milestones throughout project life cycle, our Fixed Cost model would offer the most feasible choice for your project demands within set constraints. We work with our customers, based on their individual project demands to ensure fair distribution of risk for rapid application development and delivery.

We create immense value for our customers by applying our invaluable project management experience. Our goal setting in terms of project execution on time and within budget has achieved 100% precision and success rate every time. We are a truly flexible company and customize the rigid nature of a traditional Fixed Cost model by sharing your risk and defining measurable, attainable goals for stress free rapid application development & delivery

Sagarsoft’s Unique Policy in Time & Material Engagement

Time and Material Engagement terms are mostly well-suited for complex projects without a definable project scope. Our Time & Material model creates value for your business initiatives, when adaptability in project execution is primarily desired throughout the implementation. At Sagarsoft, we deal with your individual projects with adaptable scope and duration, using our detailed and well-documented approach. Our methodology offers accountability spread transparently over individual milestones and helps measure task progress for maximum leverage

Sagarsoft and True Value Delivery in a Capped T & M Engagement Model

Sagarsoft offers risk sharing thorough Capped Time and Material that meets client expectations far better than any other Engagement model. Further, we offer an early product launch, offering high value to client. Our organized approach ensures high probability of delivering your critical projects within budget constraints

We possess deep understanding of the most contemporary and best possible tools and techniques available in the market, offering a holistic approach to solution development and launch. We can steer your project towards maximum feasibility using our unmatched expertise in niche areas. Further, our Capped Time & Material model will help launch your product in less than usual time and well within budget constraints

Sagarsoft’s Top Talent & Mature Process Execution with Incremental Delivery Model

Sagarsoft’s Incremental Delivery approach offers total transparency to customer and flexible inspection points throughout project life cycle. Highly focused, talented expertise can fine tune your project for Agile delivery in order to produce highly compliant and viable software solutions.

We offer unique insights about internal project execution with our completely transparent approach. As Agile/Scrum masters, we can help you with highly compliant and viable software solutions.

Sagarsoft’s Invaluable Experience and Resource Augmented Engagement Model

Whenever you are looking at accomplishing priority project modules with a dedicated team, our Resource Augmented model offers maximum adaptability available in today’s market landscape. We use an in-house mature process that involves thorough research and analysis starting from project launch, through the final project wrap-up and release.

Our dedicated and highly skilled resources form skilled, adaptable teams that focus on exclusive priority modules, to seamlessly culminate towards smooth application delivery. We have achieved focused project flow ensuring smooth application release in a number of industry verticals though our research based process improvement, team organization and measurable project goals.

True Team Spirit through Sagarsoft’s Partnership Engagement Model

We are customer focused enterprise, involved in true joint decision making for project processes and operations. We offer optimum conflict resolution and true team based approach for highly focused goal based product development. We ensure that your end goals are perfectly aligned for maximum cost savings and true Return on Investment. We deliver projects, so that you can perceive tangible benefits in terms of time, resources and costs involved.

Mission critical decisions are comfortably adapted throughout the tenure of the project through sharing of goals, execution of key processes and operations planning, converging on true joint decision making. A team based approach is a top priority at Sagarsoft, which guarantees effortless conflict resolution, produces faster measurable results and promotes sustainability.



Our software delivery division constantly evolves to incorporate flexibility in software deployment as we drive our release processes through insight based improvements. We offer a range of Delivery Models that have been carefully planned with smooth transition at the core. Sagarsoft primarily operates through Onsite, Offsite, Offshore and Hybrid delivery models.


Whenever your project requirements are flexible and open communication is essential for project success, an Onsite delivery model would create maximum leverage. At Sagarsoft, we have achieved 100% success rate even when dealing with projects that demand constant flexibility, scalability and agility.

  • We offer skilled resources for our clientele right from planning through software delivery and maintenance phases.
  • Continuous, first-hand information and transparent decision making form part of our core methodology during Onsite delivery.
  • Your issue resolution, technical expertise, adherence to confidentiality requirements and quick decision making receives the best possible outlook.
  • Our dedicated staffing services have time and again achieved Minimum time-to-market alongside maximum cost-cutting for critical projects executing on multiple inter dependencies
  • Built-in processes for quick transition to Offshore delivery model create maximum advantage for our esteemed clientele


Our Offshore delivery center generally caters to projects that are mostly pre-planned and could progress even without face-to-face interaction. Sagarsoft operates on a flexible basis with planned virtual meetings and effective communication to drive project progress. Our cost-effective approach could effectively cater to your resource constraints with maximum process efficiency.

  • We are constantly engaged in acquiring skilled resources for varied technology platforms, featuring minimum attrition and maximum output
  • Unmatched project management expertise can help you achieve high quality software solutions in a cost-effective manner
  • Overtime, we have achieved up to 40% reduction in costs with close to 50% reduction in turnaround time
  • We offer excellent efficiency, security and confidentiality of intellectual property
  • Our dedicated infrastructure, resources and services guarantee 24/7 productivity for smooth workflow and guaranteed on-time delivery


Our Offsite delivery offers high quality service delivery through competent personnel and state-of-the-art resources for secure software launch. Centralized management and flexible project management enables adherence to strict quality standards and milestone based delivery on time and within budget constraints.

  • We engage in ISO certified quality processes to ensure standards of quality are met with respect to requirements definition, design, development, testing and maintenance
  • Our Offsite delivery achieves cost cutting even further when compared to Onsite delivery
  • Top talent executes adapt naturally to changing requirements and scaling projects, imbibing essential software feature development naturally into the project life cycle


Sagarsoft’s Hybrid delivery model achieves true value for our clientele overtime, by incorporating flexibility and reliability to the core of an approach that derives benefits from the best of both worlds. We guarantee a best fit for your business goals through a custom tailored methodology. Our reliable infrastructure promises robustness and security, balanced well by our valuable, dedicated resource team.

  • We work round the clock to ensure smooth project progress, launch and best in the market post production support
  • In order to achieve maximum benefit for our clients, we create optimum distribution of work between onsite and offshore development center in a well-planned manner, to fit project goals throughout its life cycle
  • Our precise requirement analysis and discovery of client needs create a seamless extension of your project demands into our enterprise