Pfizer, Pain Management Drugs & Sagarsoft’s™ Market Performance Monitoring Application

Pfizer, Pain Management Drugs & Sagarsoft’s™ Market Performance Monitoring Application

Quick Facts

Domain: Web Application
Client Profile:
Technology: ASP.Net, AJAX, MS SQL Server, JQuery, Javascript, Third Party Controls
Execution & Delivery: Waterfall; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft™ Advantage

Sagarsoft™ solutions impact market performance of top Pharmaceutical giants. We have rolled out several applications in the Drug Performance realm.

Our applications encapsulate complex logical calculations on huge datasets for National, State or Regional graphical statistics in the USA


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How Sagarsoft’s™ Market Performance Monitoring Application for Pfizer’s™ Popular Pain Management Drugs Executed a Critical Strategy for Market Share & Growth

The pain management market seems to be overwhelmed by the Pharmaceuticals segment, which is expected to contain approximately 38.9 bn market share by 2017, in contrast to the relatively modest medical devices market – $3.6 bn (BBC Research, Dec 2012).

Pfizer™ continues to lead the market and constant insights about top selling drugs are indispensable tools to sustained market growth. In this context, top pain management drug performances for Celebrex™, Lyrica™ and Flector Patch™ were identified for continuous monitoring.

When Core Access™, Pfizer’s™ market strategy partner approached Sagarsoft™ for a comprehensive drug wise market analysis solution, we coupled our decades of project management experience with acquired domain competence in the Pharmaceutical sector to quickly roll out a comprehensive portfolio of drug performance.


PPAW Features (Drug Performance Tracking for Pfizer’s™ Pain Management Portfolio)

  • Our intuitive solution makes it extremely easy to track pharmaceutical market access parameters attached to payers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers, delving down to individual account level criteria.
  • PPAW can render graphical statistics for all three classes of pain management drugs, eliminating the need for maintaining complex, time-consuming worksheets with market information.
  • Comprehensive criteria probe data from all angles including Volume and Market share for different Prescription classes, and medical or pharmacy benefits with our without restrictions to name a few.
  • Data can be filtered based on Quarterly performance of a particular drug as well as individual drug beneficiaries.

Business Impact

PPAW™ by Sagarsoft™ was unarguably a critical solution that put Core Access’™ pharmaceutical market analysis requirement for Pfizer™ into practice. PPAW™ analytics created an indispensable container that could enable Core Access™ to regularly plug in market information for popular Pain Management drugs. This helped accurately gauge important aspects of Lyrica™, Celebrex™ and FlectorPatch™ that drive the greater portion of the pie in Pfizer’s sales portfolio.

About Pfizer’s™ Pain Management Portfolio

Pfizer’s™ top pharmaceutical solutions for pain management include Celebrex™ for arthritic inflammation, Lyrica™ for Nerve pain and Flector™ topical patches for pain arising from minor injuries. More information about Celebrex™, Lyrica™ and Flector™ Topical application can be can be found at, and

CoreAccess PPAW
CoreAccess PPAW

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