Sagarsoft’s™ iPad Application for GAP Managed Services in Office Technology

Sagarsoft’s™ iPad Application for GAP Managed Services in Office Technology

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile
Online Link:
Mobile Platform: iPad
Technology: SQLLite, XCode, Objective C, Map Kit, Cocoa Framework, CoreLocation, MediaPlayer Framework, CoreText, CoreGraphics, System Configuration Framework, Security Framework, SOAP Web Services with JSON
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage

Sagarsoft has partnered with several industry leaders in the broad domain of Sales, Operations and Marketing solutions.

We have developed our unique breed of iPad solutions that combine complex business logic execution, security and unmatched user experience, in order to retain industry leadership in Mobile technology.

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How Sagarsoft’s™ Helped GAP Support their Business Model in Action: Managed Services and Adjacent Markets for Dealers in the Office Technology Space

Sagarsoft ventured into the Managed Services domain for Office Technology to devise a novel iPad application that would empower Dealers to take advantage of unprecedented growth in adjacent markets.

GAP uses its deep domain expertise in strategic sales, business process optimization, managed network and cloud services and growth achievement to help existing and new Dealerships take advantage of adjacent spaces.

Growth Achievement Partners (GAP) together with contemporary, Continuum Managed Services, use the Managed Services Business Model to help Dealers in Office Technology enter and sustain their unique position of growth, success and client satisfaction.

Solution Brief

Sagarsoft’s iPad application for GAP was essentially a portable client review methodology encased in contemporary iPad Framework. We executed a segment of GAP ideology for a more targeted, minimal effort, intuitive, interactive Account Review process.

  • We used a reusable XML based data driven mobile application design model that would create a scalable, flexible solution to fully support the review process.
  • The application allows sales representatives to easily discern between Overdue and Pending reviews. Review plans are fully configurable beforehand, from opening message to complete meeting agenda
  • During real time customer reviews, Dealer representatives can execute their action plan by conducting Operational review, discussing goals and initiatives for solutions implemented now and in future, displaying products and services and creating respective flags for follow-up.

Business Impact

A simple, powerful and data technology driven solution for GAP by Sagarsoft created the right impact to popularize the former’s business model and its graceful adoption. Owing to the fact that Managed Services for Dealerships are fast gaining momentum in the Office Technology space, our solution imbibes the potential to create a two way impact on Dealerships targeted by GAP and the influential capacity of the GAP business model itself.

GAP Mobile
GAP Mobile

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