Sagarsoft’s™ iPhone & Android Application for StubStats Sports Fandom Engagement

Sagarsoft’s™ iPhone & Android Application for StubStats Sports Fandom Engagement

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile, Web
Online Link:
Mobile Platform: iPhone, Android
Technology: SQLLite, XCode, Objective C, Map Kit, Cocoa Framework, GoogleMaps API, Rest Web Services with JSON,Android 2.3, ADT, Eclipse
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage

Sagarsoft makes the best use of technology for iPhone and Android, for Mobile development. Our applications can exercise maximum influence over Digital Marketing and dominate social media effortlessly.

Dedicated Infrastructure and unmatched Technology Expertise at Sagarsoft & social media arm, Sapplica can nurture novel paradigms that adapt to goal-based applications for niche communities.

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StubStats – the Mobile Application for Creative Sports Fandom Engagement & Sagarsoft’s™ iPhone & Android Technical Expertise: Strict Agile in an Offshore Setting

StubStats for web by social media partner Sapplica propelled the commencement of the iPhone and Android application at Sagarsoft as a comprehensive web and mobile digital engagement channel for sports fans.

Stubstats was intended to skillfully utilize the power of digital marketing and social media engagement for a novel experience with blended sharing features and monetary benefits.

StubStats is undoubtedly, a one of a kind application that impacts the community of sports fans using the most scientifically planned and insightful approach existent in digital marketing today.

Solution Brief

Sagarsoft executed strict Agile in an Offshore facility to enable a sleek, graphical statistics imbued UI, that rendered quickly and accurately for an unmatched user experience:

  • Rewards Based System: Stubstats’ core is a reward based function set for sports fans. The application does this by enabling an interface that allows sports fans to check into their favorite events and sports and redeem points for tickets to a game, team merchandise or a VIP experience
  • Community Engagement: Stubstats, chiefly configured for Fantasy Sports, Foursquare and Shazam, has built-in functionality to help users compare their stats with their friends for a sports event or concert.
  • Sponsorship Opportunity: Partners and retailers are presented with the opportunity to sponsor the “points” tab, create sales channels, and subsequently offer a percentage from the sales mobilized by the application.
  • Marketing Statistics: Finally, the application is fine tuned to allow analysis of essential marketing statistics including location information, sharing and viewing habits and user experience information.

Community & Business Impact

StubStats recognized the true need for rewarding sports fans for their dedication and devoted support and engagement in the form of reward points and subsequent redemption. Directed towards a very large community that sometimes grows at an unimaginable pace, Sagarsoft enabled Stubstats to connect fans together, through a parallel statistical tool that generates live graphical data based on game climax.

We used the best UI, Mobile and Web services frameworks to define rules for seamless interaction between multiple components for monetizing the application and capturing marketing statistics information. Sponsorship opportunities, integrated into StubStats added value to the application by creating an essential sales channel for retail partners. On demand, indispensable user experience information was also made available for further scrutiny.

StubStats Mobile PDF

StubStats Mobile
StubStats Mobile

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