Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile SCTracker™ & Sales Force Reorganization at Sagar Cements

Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile SCTracker™ & Sales Force Reorganization at Sagar Cements

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile, Web
Mobile Platform: Android
Client Profile:
Technology: Android 2.3.6, ADT, Java, Eclipse, SQLLite, GoogleMaps API, Google Cloud Messaging, Rest Web Services with JSON
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
Mobile Competency at Sagarsoft caters to niche market segments. We create value through simplicity in design and performance tuned applications.

Affordability and rapid application delivery are central to our project execution.

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How Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Applications Streamlined the Collection Process at Sagar Cements Ltd. for Total Transparency and Sales Force Reorganization

Sagar Cements is a 25 year old company with a track record of excellent customer service and high quality product offering. A socially responsible organization, tracing back its roots to the year 1985, Sagar cements realized that technology support for transforming existing processes would not just increase efficiency, but also create transparency at all levels.

Considering the Collection process as central to company operations, top management turned to sister concern, Sagarsoft for a solution that would plug into their existing ERP system and help track their sales representatives throughout the collection process, right from assisting them gain insights into Outstanding amount from Dealers, to generating Invoices automatically and confirming a Collection action and subsequent closure of the transaction.

Solution Brief

  • SCTracker is a mobile application, for Android, that uses a set of web services to push relevant information to the Sagar Cements Sales team.
  • Web processes are pre-configured to generate Outstanding reports, Collection reports and Invoices, as quick reference for sales representatives.

Process Transformation

  • Equipped with essential power saving functions, the application is configured to track and report the exact location of a Sales person at regular intervals, hence  providing complete transparency to process owners.
  • A web administration interface allows the Marketing team and Zonal Managers to easily create, edit or delete employee profiles and generate essential reports.

Business Impact

  • Automating the Collections process with real time data and deploying it on Android, saved considerable time and cost originally attached to repetitive calls per dealer visit. We have already deployed close to 40 devices during the past four months.
  • Our load and stress resistant server creates efficient process loops in the background to accomplish transparent dissipation of Travel Allowance to Sales representatives.
  • Further, in addition to rapidly furnishing cement dispatch status to Dealers the application integrates with Sagar Cements’ existing ERP system to generate and push Invoice, Outstanding and Collection reports in response to regular device requests. Our approach helped create an accountable, fair and highly efficient Collection process.

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