Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Strategy for LiUNA – Cohesion & Value Creation for America’s Labor Force

Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Strategy for LiUNA – Cohesion & Value Creation for America’s Labor Force

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile, Web, Mobile Analytics
Online Link:
Mobile Platform: iPhone, Web
Technology: XCode (Objective-c), SQLite, PHP, Ferry, Facebook API, Twitter API
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
Our mobile applications are broad perspective solutions that rely on inter-operable web modules for maximum business benefit.

We deliver custom developed administration interfaces, along with pre-configured analytics using some of the most popular tools for measuring mobile user experience

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Sagarsoft’s™ Mobile Development Strategy for Maximum Leverage, Cohesion & Value Creation for North America’s Enormous Labor Community

Mobile project development and execution at Sagarsoft has superseded user expectations and industry benchmarks time and again. Interestingly, we have been involved in strikingly different subject areas and community profiles.

LiUNA was an intriguing project, demanding engagement, support and analytics of a community that was already firmly grounded with close to 12 million users. Considering orientation and intrinsic goals of LiUNA, we created value by establishing interoperable modules that would support content sharing, news, media, address lookup and collective bargaining.

LiUNA is the Laborers International Union of North America, the voice of public service employees contributing five percent  in terms of economic output, primarily in the construction industry in North America.

Solution Brief

  • LiUNA Mobile application for iPhone was built as a receiver module for all notifications and initiatives triggered at the web administration interface. LiUNA for iPhone was intended to create greater bandwidth and accessibility for mobilizing the labor community of North America
  • LiUNA Web Administration interface is the starting point for LiUNA leadership, that facilitates creation of petitions, banners, news and policy updates. The interface features a mechanism to push messages directly to mobile devices of registered LiUNA members
  • LiUNA Flurry Analytics contain detailed user experience statistics for LiUNA mobile application users. Flurry served as a substantive tool for LiUNA administrators and helped capture meaningful views about traffic behavior, segment demographics, user flow statistics and a number of metrics through self-explanatory graphs, maps and charts

Technology Impact

  • LiUNA for web administration, analytics and iPhone is a comprehensive application suite for enabling mobilization and momentum of one of the largest communities in North America. Sagarsoft strategies to effective data communication, pre-validated functional flow and meaningful performance metrics formed the crux of the application acceptance and success.
  • LiUNA helped deal with unemployment in North America’s labor community through push notifications for iPhone from a single administration interface. Signing petitions, getting directions to the local office, getting news and policy updates became formalized processes, on the go through an intuitive iPhone interface.
LiUna Mobile
LiUna Mobile

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