Sagarsoft’s™ Open Source, Invincible Technology Strategy for Business Instruments

Sagarsoft’s™ Open Source, Invincible Technology Strategy for Business Instruments

Quick Facts

Domain: Web
Client Profile:
Technology: PHP on LAMPStack, Zurb Foundation, Zend Framework, Javascript Charting LIbraries
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
Sagarsoft achieves application efficiency for complex business logic intensive functionality through an enduring approach to true Agile, derived from decades of Project Management experience.

We have consistently delivered scalable, robust applications that rely on an enormous user base and thousands of concurrent user accessions. Our applications evolve into indomitable business tools in today’s competitive enterprise business landscape

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Sagarsoft’s™ Open Source, Intuitive & Invincible Technology Strategy for Business Instruments – a Novel Approach to Strategic Enterprise Management & Growth

Sagarsoft’s relationship with CEO of Rhythm Engineering, Reggie Chandra was rather mature when Business Instruments was taken up as a formal system that would evolve into “integrated instrumentation” for business growth, management and scalability.

Subsequent to deploying his former projects on Web and Mobile technologies, we were already adept with our customer preferences. Requirements analysis and initial software design for Business Instruments was therefore methodical and precise, even when largely unconstrained.

Business Instruments’ graphically rich UI is a strategic tool for business analysis, planning and analytics, built around but not limited to project planning, marketing, accounting and Customer Relationship Management functions.

Solution Brief

  • Sagarsoft developed interdependent modules for Business Instruments that would automate Sales and Marketing functions, generate Blogging, Analytics, monitor Media coverage, manage and follow-up Contacts and Prospects and track and configure E-Mail communications
  • The application was designed to surround critical, demanding aspects of Lead conversion and Opportunity and Campaign management.
  • Efficient management of Project flow, Budget and Risk estimation, Issue resolution and Release management, comprehensive Accounting and Financial functions and reporting were prominent business efficiency maximization functions, incorporated during the early stages.
  • Among other supporting functions were marketing message and legal template generation, application help and forum moderation.

Sagarsoft’s Technology Strategy

We used open source technology on a cloud computing platform for maximum scalability, issue resolution, concurrent accession and sustained business benefit. Simple intuitive design, data exportability in a range of formats, payment gateway integration and multiple device support including mobile and web were built at the core.


Business Instruments
Business Instruments

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