Sagarsoft’s™ Text Based Messaging by CabTracker™ on Android for Transportation Safety

Sagarsoft’s™ Text Based Messaging by CabTracker™ on Android for Transportation Safety

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile, Web
Mobile Platform: Android
Technology: SQLite, Android SDK, Java, GoogleMaps API, Rest Web Services with JSON
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft Advantage
Sagarsoft offers the perfect blend of a simple, enriching user experience coupled with optimized, intuitive background services.

Robust application design and intuitive features, configured for multiple user profiles have enabled us to successfully cater to the business needs of innumerable million dollar companies.

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Sagarsoft’s™ Text Based Mobile Messaging Application for Tracking Cab Drivers: a Simple Approach Elegantly Solves Rampant Safety Issues Involved in Commutation

The evolution of the corporate world in the Information Technology and related industries has created unprecedented demand for talented professionals. As companies create more scientifically tested facilities to transform the workspace into a second home, workforce safety becomes a top priority.

In order to address the changing face of workforce productivity and safety, Sagarsoft developed an extremely simple text based messaging application as a communication medium between corporate cabs and employees.

Simple Text Messaging

  • Our solution has a simple text-only interface installed in the Cab driver’s mobile device.
  • Cabs, employees and their mobile devices can be registered at the web interface for smooth co-ordination
  • An employee receives a notification just before pickup, on the registered mobile device when the cab is within 1 km radius.

Web Administration Interface

  • A web based interface allows you to setup schedules for dropping and picking up employees, based on parameters including time, frequency and trip type. Drivers and cabs and be attached to schedules.
  • The route a cab driver takes can be tracked from the web interface, as the application pings back location information at regular intervals.
  • CabTrackers’ web interface also allows adding and managing cabs, employees and mobile devices.
  • Informative PDF reports for cabs and employees can be viewed inline or downloaded and printed.

CabTracker™ Advantage

CabTracker has all that it takes to avoid safety issues during commutation. A text only, elegant messaging application with web based administration features, packed into with super fast reporting and notification system allows complete co-ordination, for comprehensive workforce security.

CabTracker web interface, designed with usability at its core, allows quick and easy management of cabs and employees using Cab numbers and Mobile Device IDs. Thorough requirement analysis in the workforce security realm has led to one of the most intuitive, optimized mobile-web service available in the market today.

CabTrack Mobile
CabTrack Mobile

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