Sagarsoft’s™ Tracester for Geo-locating Friends, Networking & Keeping in Touch

Quick Facts

Domain: Mobile
Mobile Platform: iPhone, Web
Technology: SQLLite, XCode, Objective C, Map Kit, Cocoa Framework, GoogleMaps API, Rest Web Services with JSON, Android 3, ADT, Eclipse
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft™ Advantage
Mobile expertise at Sagarsoft™ caters to two very  independent requirement definition categories.

Primarily an enterprise applications company, we have frequently crossed barriers of traditional business complexity and served very niche sectors in community engagement through extremely well-received design features and simple application logic.

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Sagarsoft’s™ Tracester – a Quick & Intuitive Mobile (iPhone) Solution for Geo-locating Friends, Networking & Keeping in Touch

A rapidly changing world, governed by web and social media, with communication relying on maximum ease and mobility demands simple, robust applications for fostering the value of an interactive community.

Sagarsoft™ has a time-tested record of splendid mobile interface design and usable application features for applications specifically designed to take advantage of as well as fulfill demanding market requirements.

Tracester™ was our simple community engagement tool, for mobilizing an Internet and social media influenced civilization. We targeted the iPhone market potential for delivering a rich and simple interface, with core functions to track and report the current geographical location.

Solution Brief

  • Simple, centrally controlled functionality for basic functions including inviting friends, managing friends and groups, tracking through geo-location and setting up personalized preferences
  • Comprehensive control over friend invitation, enabling or disabling them, managing groups and attaching friends to groups or deleting friends or groups
  • Fully integrated status messages and acknowledgments for prominent actions taken via the iPhone interface
  • Exhaustive tracking function including complete control over your own track, ability to track confirmed friends, share tracked paths and share pictures of your current location with friends
  • Send and receive messages and control mechanism for recording trace time, receiving push notifications and regulating visibility

The Tracester™ Advantage

Geo-location mapping with Tracester™ is precise. accurate and superior, when compared to traditional mapping systems. Our choice of development framework was guided by a design that intended to encapsulate optimum memory utilization, novel caching capabilities and faster media-rich messaging than any traditional system can possibly handle.

Charged with an innate ability to track and report friends and share location information with full control over tracking time and sharing equips the application with powerful features desired from an optimized iPhone application.

Tracester Mobile
Tracester Mobile


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