Sagarsoft’s™ Web and Mobile Strategy in the Immunoglobulin Segment & Baxter’s™ Market Leadership

Sagarsoft’s™ Web and Mobile Strategy in the Immunoglobulin Segment & Baxter’s™ Market Leadership

Quick Facts

Domain: Web, Mobile
Online Link:
Mobile Platform: iPad
Client Profile:
Technology: ASP.Net, AJAX, MS SQL Server, JQuery, Javascript, Third Party Controls
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sagarsoft™ Advantage
Our comprehensive solutions for Pharmaceutical market access planning have repeatedly transformed laborious manual processes into intuitive graphical statistical reports, imbued with essential market trend data.

Further, we execute testing cycles at critical project stages to eliminate all possibilities of unintended application behavior

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How Sagarsoft™ Created a Position of Value for Baxter™ – A Web and Mobile Strategy in the Immunoglobulin Pharmaceutical Segment for Securing Market Leadership

Sagarsoft™ has been continually supporting the Core Access Group™ by delivering market intelligence based web and mobile applications for Pharmaceutical giants operating in vigorously competitive landscapes.

Our web and iPad solution for IGMap exhibits our thought leadership as the first of its kind state-of-the-art application in the actuarial science domain.

Superior programming techniques helped execute Baxter’s requirement for comprehensive market access planning in the Immunoglobulin segment.

Solution Brief

  • IGMap is a unique market access planning application targeted to the Speciality Drug Tier, specifically Immunoglobulins. We developed a comprehensive criteria dependant feature set capable of producing graphical statistics for top competitive brands covered under medical or pharmacy benefits, with or without restrictions.
  • In order to empower sales strategies, the application generates six color heat maps, segment wise charts for covered lives and relevant ranking reports.
  • Comprehensive Formulary information facilitates identification of drug tier and restriction details, along with policy and prior authorization documentation
  • Drug comparison information, utilization reports to the MSA level and Access reports for top 5 health plans based on doctor selected in an MSA are available on the fly
    Summary reports are generated for Territory Business Managers and Regional Business
  • Directors and salesforce organization is further supported by enabling easy mapping of users to MSAs.

Sagarsoft™ Strategy

  • Our encounter with a huge pharmaceutical dataset was unique in terms of maintaining data integrity and information discovery through preset filters. In order to ensure optimum application performance even while filtering through millions of records, we subjected the system to thorough testing cycles.
  • Eventually, we delivered a high performance application, capable of optimally managing data stress and rendering full resolution graphical representations in a matter of single-digit seconds time frames.
  • Our analytical programming approach and contemporary approaches in terms of unit, data and system testing translated marketing strategy planning by Core Access Group™ into an elegant, intuitive and optimized application system delivered on Web and Mobile.


CoreAccessIGMap Web
CoreAccessIGMap Web

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