Sapplica’s™ Deep Data Analytics & Vyvor™ – a Superbowl Player Betting Community

Sapplica’s™ Deep Data Analytics & Vyvor™ – a Superbowl Player Betting Community

Quick Facts

Domain: Web
Online Link:
Technology: LAMP Platform, CodeIgnitor, MD5 Authentication
Execution & Delivery: Agile / SCRUM, Offshore

The Sapplica Advantage
Imbued with deep analytics expertise, Sapplica delivers a range of secure applications with custom data handling algorithms Contemporary approaches in terms of data security, integrity, archival and rendering have resulted in high throughput, usable applications every time.

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Deep Data Analytics & Applied Mathematics at Sapplica ™ Create Lasting User Engagement for Vyvor – an Online Superbowl Player Betting Community is a unique online sports betting platform for NFL Superbowl enthusiasts. Equipped with a fantasy points earning model by betting on players, Vyvor has continued to enchant the NFL fan base ever since its successful launch.

In order to maintain spontaneity and constant pull, Sapplica rolled out a formula-intensive fantasy score calculation algorithm dependent on XML datasets from a leading sports content provider.

We created a competitive edge in the sports betting space for Vyvor by ensuring extremely secure data handover from and complex custom calculations on live match points. High performance, pre-scheduled command execution masked by a simple interface created the required bandwidth and power essential for supporting a rapidly growing NFL fan base.

Solution Design

  • We worked through comprehensive requirement analysis, development and 24/7  technology support for the fantasy survivor game executed during the NFL Superbowl championship.
  • Monetized by fantasy survivor participant membership, a simple UI was supercharged by a high performance XML parsing engine in the background.

Technology Impact

  • Contemporary approaches to live score data handling, deep analytics and applied mathematics capabilities at Sapplica made XML parsing, rendering and execution of complex algorithms possible every 2-3 seconds.
  • Our solution created an advantage for Vyvor in comparison to conventional approaches by achieving 90% performance efficiency.

User Engagement

  • Successful application launch was very well-received, establishing an initial user base of 700 users, within 6-7 days during the Regular Season. An additional 400 high-value memberships closer to the final Super Bowl championship were recorded in just 4-5 days.
  • We are currently engaged in extending community engagement through Facebook integration and introduction of novel features including friend’s leader board, invitation and time line sharing.
Vyvor Web
Vyvor Web

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