Sapplica’s™ Design Competency & Usable Responsive Interfaces Targeted at Web & Mobile Platforms

Quick Facts

Domain: Web Communities
Technology Platforms: HTML 5, CSS, Node JS, JQuery, JQPlot

Cross Platform User Interface Design
Sapplica has a consistent track record of high quality user experience over the past few decades. Fully aligned with current market trends and latest UI ideologies, we deliver cross browser, cross platform application suites for web and mobile.

The Sapplica Advantage
Creative, out-of-the box thinking and sensitivity to client requirements drive our design perceptions. We deliver compelling graphics and usable interfaces for web and mobile from the ground up through adaptable, intuitive prototypes for the most thorough usability feature analysis.

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How Sapplica’s™ Design Competency Caters to Niche Market Segments for Delivering Usable Responsive Interfaces Targeted at Web & Mobile Platforms

Design experts at Sapplica are constantly engaged in implementing the most current market trends in UI Technology. Our goal is to deliver an enriching user experience through the use of contemporary technology features that reduces clicks, simplifies navigation and renders consistently across technology and device platforms.

We engage with an ambitious, creative clientele keen on capturing niche market segments. Our technology expertise coupled with customer centric ideology helps define business application requirements, through a progressive, adaptive prototyping methodology. We translate a vision into reality through the most meaningful use of technology, blended with continuous process improvement.

Sapplica’s Unique UI Development Approach

  • In order to achieve the most compelling user experiences, Sapplica adapts itself constantly to market trends. Our team is conditioned to deliver complex concepts with precision.
  • We cater to context-sensitive, aesthetic user experiences that are consistently rendered across web platforms, irrespective of browser configurations, user settings or technology specifications. Beyond the web, we deploy high-speed, high quality mobile applications in minimal time to market for iPhone and Android.


StubStats logo

“High Performance Application with Complex Statistics and Dynamic Graphs rendered Simply by Design”

Online Link:
Mobile Platforms: iPhone, Android
Technology: LAMP, Jquery, Highcharts, Sendgrid, Zend Framework
Execution & Delivery: Waterfall; Offshore

StubStats is a Mobile Platform for sharing Information about Martial Arts events. Our team worked closely to achieve a single screen dashboard with complex, meaningful, real-time graphical statistics for multiple events, fights and participants.

Fix My Signals

FixMySignals logo

“Intriguing Google Maps Function behind a Responsive Design”

Online Link:
Mobile Platforms:  iPhone, Android
Technology:  LAMP Platform, XML, KML, Google Maps, JQuery, Codeignitor
Execution & Delivery: Agile/Scrum; Offshore aims to engage the community to fix problematic traffic signals by providing a usable, accessible interface for reporting traffic signal issues.

At Sapplica, we customized Google Maps to deliver interactive, real-time road map and traffic information in terms of time, distance and speed to simplify user interaction and community engagement.

Two Silent Minutes

2SilentMinutes logo

“Aesthetic, Flat Design and Open Source development for a never before social engagement concept”

Online Link:
Technology: Python 2.7.2, Django 1.5, Postgresql, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Framework
Execution & Delivery: Agile/Scrum; Offshore is a community campaign platform for Tragic Social Issues. We created a novel UI Design with negligible development costs by taking advantage of high productivity Open Source technologies.

Two Silent Minutes is a search engine friendly website, fully integrated with social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.



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