Sapplica’s Highly Efficient Agile Execution in the Cloud – A Charles Bombardier Social Media Portfolio

Sapplica’s Highly Efficient Agile Execution in the Cloud – A Charles Bombardier Social Media Portfolio

Quick Facts

Domain: Social Media
Technology Platform: PHP, MVC, JSon, JQuery, Codeignitor, MySQL, XML, FBML, Graph API, FB Translation, FB Plugins, Apache, Ajax
Execution & Delivery: Agile / Rapid Application Development (RAD); Offshore Model
Engagement Model: Time & Material

Highly Efficient Agile Execution
Our unique requirement analysis to delivery approach and team work helped achieve tough targets even while slashing turnaround time by 50%


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How Sapplica™ Slashes Requirement Analysis to Delivery Time by 50% – An Agile Execution in the Cloud Approach [A Charles Bombardier Social Media Portfolio]

Charles Bombardier’s sustained partnership with Sapplica has led to rapid execution of diverse, scalable projects in a true Agile environment.

Highly creative entrepreneur Charles Bombardier evolves novel ideas rapidly. Charles frequently requires technical expertise to put his vision into practice. In addition, he requires extremely quick turnaround times while launching usable, high performance applications.

Sapplica has supported Charles’ objectives in order to take advantage of the highly dynamic, shifting opinions and trends in the social media marketing space, specifically Facebook.

Sapplica’s Technology Advantage

  • Project delivery much before stipulated period, turn around time slashed by 50% in spite of frequent requirement changes.
  • Extremely well-planned project execution and precise control of application behavior while accommodating unexpected blueprint modifications from client.
  • Fully Facebook compliant applications and pages frequently incorporating language  translation and tough Unicode character handling, superior image storage and manipulation capabilities and automatic file generation
  • Superior UI design expertise, capable of producing stunningly appealing Facebook  applications with subtle, uncommon design features.
  • Usable, scalable and high performance applications create an unmatched platform for high quality user engagement right from application launch, thereafter recording cumulative increase in user base overtime.
  • Decades of experience handling Agile – ‘in the Cloud’ based project planning, execution and delivery enables new or enhancement projects to get on track and execute gracefully.

Lessons Learnt

Sapplica’s true Agile methodology, customer centric approach and sensitivity to even minor change requests achieved not just client confidence but also generated internal process improvement and greater team bonding as an implied outcome.

The diversity of projects from Charles, with greater challenges each time in terms of requirements as well as delivery has helped us create precision towards achieving almost any tough target using our Agile delivery model.

Our Charles Bombardier – Facebook Portfolio



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