Sapplica’s™ Rapid Application Customization in only 7% Usual Time – CA Fantasia Portfolio for Boann Group

Sapplica’s™ Rapid Application Customization in only 7% Usual Time  – CA Fantasia Portfolio for Boann Group

Quick Facts

Domain: Social Networks
Client Profile:
Technology Platform: LAMP Technology, MVC Framework, HTML, PHP, MYSQL, JQuery Execution & Delivery: Kanban; Offshore Model

The Sapplica Advantage
Sapplica’s unique execution model with built in code reuse capability helped rapidly deploy Open Social applications for multiple social media containers.

Sapplica implemented the Kanban methodology and outperformed by achieving live applications in just 7% of usual customization time.

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Sapplica’s™ Rapid Application Customization in only 7% Usual Time – Lean, Reusable Development Process, the Kanban Way on OpenSocial Platform

Boann Group required a Software as a Service (SaaS) Portfolio of sports applications across the social space. Primarily targeted at Latin American markets, Club Athletico Fantasia is the brand behind sports applications spanning Facebook, Hi5 and Sonico in five different languages.

Sapplica was engaged in rapid social media application development and tailoring for prominent social media containers.

During the initial three months, we rapidly built a lean, reusable framework using the OpenSocial platform. Subsequently, our Kanban methodology achieved a highly focused, inter-woven team and complete internal process transparency.

Eventually we were able to create a collaborative and highly productive work flow, thereby generating 15 customized social media fantasy sports betting solutions during the next three months. In effect, project delivery rapidly gained momentum and close to 336 man hours were eliminated, cutting down drastically on development time and eventual cost to client.

Unique Solution Methodology

  • Sapplica built the CA Fantasia portfolio of applications from the ground up, cohesively focusing on simplicity, creativity and tightly aligned goals
  • As a center of excellence in niche social media application development, we deployed cutting edge technology and versatile expertise for an optimized application set running on different social media containers with consistent design and functionality

Lessons Learnt

  • We chose the Kanban approach to incorporate the most effective work flow. Our unique methodology for delivering performance tuned niche social media applications in a tightly aligned goal-based framework helped define internal benchmarks for the most efficient process flow in application development and customization.
  • Tough internal delivery targets set by ambitious process owners did not necessarily overburden the project team. The CA Fantasia portfolio was our perfect case for prioritizing tasks, improving efficiency and maintaining a high level of motivation and exceptional team performance throughout.

Sapplica’s CA Fantasia Portfolio for Boann Group



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