Sapplica’s ™ Social Media Kit – Enrichment Tools for Sharing, Organizing and Bookmarking

Quick Facts

Domain: Social Media
Technology Platform: LAMP Platform (PHP, MySQL) HTML, JQuery
Engagement Model: Time & Material
Execution & Delivery: Rapid Application Development (RAD); Onsite Delivery

Enrichment Tools by Sapplica
Social Pledge – Take Pledges; Engage in social actions with friends or your network
Citizen Voice – Create, blog about Petitions, have people sign them
Flinkit – Bookmark your favorite Links and share with friends
Wishlist – Create and share Wishlists or Event lists
My Calendar – Your Personal Calendar

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Sapplica’s ™ Social Media Kit – Enrichment Tools for Sharing, Organizing and Bookmarking right from your Favorite Social Media Platform

Sapplica’s social media kit is designed with the most sought after social media needs in focus. Our toolkit is integrated in the most popular and widely used social media platforms including Facebook, Orkut and Ning.

Social Pledge

SocialPledge logo

Social Pledge is tailored to the Ning platform and enables users to engage in actions for the benefit of the society at large, including volunteering, signing petitions, lending money, associating with groups, attending events, supporting campaigns, applying for jobs or making a donation. The Ning application allows people to keep track of their ‘pledges’ or their friends’ pledges or indicate voluntary interest in network ‘pledges’.

Citizens Voice

CitizensVoice logo

Citizens Voice primarily allows you to create and monitor campaigns for a better World. Largely aimed at social good, this sleek application available on the Ning and Orkut platform supports you in maximizing your influence positively on widespread social issues, whether they are related to the environment, political system, human rights, terrorism or educational challenges. Besides creating Campaigns for greater social benefit, Citizens voice allows you to create Polls, review votes and initiate or participate in Discussions.


Flinkit logo

Flinkit allows users to bookmark and share their favorite Blogs, Websites, Pictures, Videos, Job postings or almost anything on the World Wide Web (WWW). A Ning and Orkut application, Flinkit serves as a super fast gadget to enable sharing web content on some of the most preferred social containers on the planet.


WishList logo

Wishlist allows you to get a sneak peek into your friends’ list of most coveted brands. Wishlist creates a platform for friends to surprise one another by making their wishes come true. This Orkut application also allows you to create event lists, invite friends and remind them well in advance.

My Calendar

MyCalendar logo

Sapplica’s Social Enrichment tools portfolio features a Calendar tailored to the Orkut platform, with creative ways to store reminders for your friends’ birthdays and favorite events. In addition, the extremely easy to use gadget allows you to send wishes and gifts to your friends on their birthdays or special occasions.

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