Sapplica’s ™ Transformational Technology Leadership & Business Impact on Cartridge World™

Sapplica’s ™ Transformational Technology Leadership & Business Impact on Cartridge World™

Quick Facts

Domain: Web
Client Profile: Gyrus Retail, a Cartridge World Retailer
Technology Platform: LAMP Platform, Zend Framework, HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, JQuery, JQPlot, Third Party Tools
Execution & Delivery: Agile/Scrum (Prototype Approach); Offshore Model

The Sapplica Advantage
We are unique in terms of our Requirement Analysis and Software Design approach. Our expertise lies in scalable software products and services that can adapt to almost any business environment, irrespective of scale and complexity.

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Sapplica’s ™ Transformational Technology Leadership: How B2B Process Improvement at Gyrus Retail Precipitated Business Execution at Cartridge World™

When Gyrus Retail, a Cartridge World partner approached Sapplica for technology support and process automation, little was known that our solution could indirectly impact the functioning of the Printer consumables giant itself.

Our CWStore application implementation was backed by thorough requirement analysis and remarkable visualization of business needs. Boundary-less, out-of-the-box thinking with a customer centric ideology at Sapplica led to a highly scalable and adaptable application.

While we continue to work with Gyrus Retail to find areas of improvements all along their value chain (an application called CoAct), the CWStore application is under consideration by Cartridge World and might precipitate process flow and execution at a higher, organization-wide level.

Business Process Automation for Gyrus Retail – CWStore & CoAct

  • Initially, we created an intuitive application – to support Franchise operations at Gyrus Retail. Our web based application is powered with high-speed inter-operable components that execute complex business logic.
  • CWStore facilitates complete automation and handles end-to-end retail process including raising invoices, maintaining inventory, handling requests for cartridges and supporting the delivery system to name a few. In addition, it generates invaluable information reports supported by graphical charts, representing consumer behavior and marketing insights.
  • Subsequently, we embarked on CoAct, a successor project for complete value chain assessment and team re-organization. Gyrus Retail benefited along the flow in terms of delivery and order management, order patterns and sales trend identification.

Key Insights

  • Initially, we were faced with very high expectations about addressing process deficiencies and redundancies. Decades of project management expertise and prototyping approach helped define requirements, track module progress and achieve deployment success with precision. Implementation of complex business logic with scalability intertwined, also helped refine internal processes for our Design, Testing, Web and Mobile Competencies.
  • Creating a process for absorption into the wider domain of Cartridge World operations served as a methodology benchmark for several ongoing projects and the need for being customer centric in a holistic way was rediscovered in a pristine perspective.
CoAct Cartridge World
CoAct Cartridge World

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