Sapplica’s™Implementation of a Revolutionary Real-Time Marketing System for Blab – a Predictive Social Intelligence Platform

Sapplica’s™Implementation of a Revolutionary Real-Time Marketing System for Blab – a Predictive Social Intelligence Platform

Quick Facts

Domain: Social Media Intelligence, Marketing Analytics
Online Link:
Technology Platform: LAMP Technology on Centos, Tomcat, Solr, Java, Ruby on Rails, Unix Tools, HTML
Execution & Delivery: Agile; Offshore Model

The Sapplica Advantage
Rich set of capabilities around the Blab AI engine helped generate value from trend analysis.

Data Rendering, Visualization and Performance Tuning were central to our solution delivery.

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Sapplica’s™ Implementation of a Revolutionary Real-Time Marketing System Focusing on Trend Identification for Blab, a Predictive Social Intelligence Platform

The founders of Blab™ visualized their concept as an application built around an Artificial Intelligence engine capable of mining real-time social intelligence data and detecting meaningful trends indispensable for highly targeted marketing.

Sapplica implemented the idea behind Blab into a set of capabilities around their AI engine, that would decipher, render and present contextual trend data. We translated the Blab vision into neatly aligned modules dependent on social media feeds, posts and pages, that would enable risk-taking marketers to get an inside-out 360 degree view of real-time market trends.

As a technology partner, we successfully implemented some of Blab’s core modules that now enable companies to execute their marketing strategy based on sound evidence. The result is significantly improved brand performance in context to relevant trends and a definitive Return on Investment.

Solution Brief

  • Sapplica delivered a tool set that would supercharge social intelligence predictions using marketing strategy insights and visualizations. The entire application was delivered ‘in the cloud’ and would enable the correct positioning of a marketing campaign based on trend data in the social media space.
  • Our application was designed to empower creative marketers with the ability to render and present relevant contextual content in a number of formats. Since the content is backed by strong social intelligence predictions, engaging content is much more meaningful and aligned with current social media trends.
  • The technology platform enables recognition of key market players and classifies them based on position, be it a competitor or an influencer with a viral potential.
  • Our thin application naturally supports a complex logic set and weaves in real-time monitoring, campaign measurement and business process adherence.

Technology Challenges

  • Initially we targeted mining social media conversations from Facebook, Twitter and Google weighing down in terms of TeraBytes. The challenge was to connect a million Facebook pages, a million Facebook posts, a million Twitter tweets and a million Google feeds in a single hour. This data pull was essential, since the level of confidence attached to the AI Engine prediction was dependent on massive data crunching and analysis.
  • Blab modules would then work together, once key trending areas were identified, enabling the creation of a multi-channel marketing strategy with the right parameters and finally tailoring it using a multi-publishing technology.

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